Miranda Lambert says that even though she and husband Blake Shelton are both superstars, they lead a very down-to-earth life together, spending downtime together at their Oklahoma home. "When we’re both home, we love just hanging out," Lambert says in the latest issue of Us Magazine.

"Nothing too fancy; no big date nights. We cook meat out on our smoker, then we watch TV," Lambert says of her time at home with her hubby. "I’ve really gotten into 'Law & Order: SVU,' and he loves funny movies. One of our staples is 'Bad Santa.' It’s wack, but so good! Also, deer season is coming up, so I’ll be back and we can go out hunting a lot. Hanging out together helps us stay friends, which is the most important thing."

Shelton credits much of the domestic bliss to his new bride's influence on him. The newlywed groom told the publication earlier this year that Lambert "tamed him." "Apparently that's not tough to do because Shelton is such an upbeat person," says Lambert.

"It’s not a front that he puts on," she says. “He is the happiest person you’ll ever meet. He literally waits to laugh and looks for reasons to smile. It rubs off on everyone around him."

So will a little someone join the couple's happy home anytime soon?

"We have so much going on right now, and we’re both on top of the world," Lambert says. "I just feel like I’d better not raise a baby on a tour bus! We need at least a couple of years until we think about having kids. I want to enjoy being married, just him-and me time, first."