Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have been considered the heir apparent to country's reigning first couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. But Lambert has said that she and Shelton, whose careers have started to fast track at the same time, aren't ready to tour together a la Faith and Tim just yet.

Country Weekly reports that at a press conference earlier this week, Lambert said, "Right now it's so crazy because our careers have started to rise at the same time. We’re so focused on what is going on in our own careers right now that we're waiting to take that step. That's a big step to tour together. We'd have Faith and Tim's shoes to fill, and Soul II Soul was huge. We'd want to make sure that we pick the right time. Not that I'm comparing it to that; it's just that we want it to be that big and that important. Until it will, we're not going to step out on that limb, and so, if the time comes, I'd love to have a duet with him. We've been taking it slow."

Lambert acknowledged that she and her new husband, whom she married on May 14, approach their art in different ways, but that it makes them closer. She said, "We're very different artists. The more we've grown, the more we've grown closer together musically, so it would make more sense for a tour."

Lambert and Shelton have only been wed for just over a month, but they aren't seeing an awful lot of each other, given their hectic schedules. Lambert is working on her fifth solo album and the Pistol Annies debut, while Shelton is in L.A. serving as a coach on NBC's smash hit 'The Voice.' Lambert joked, "We got married and saw each other for a week, and I haven't seen him really since then. We passed in the hall earlier, but we're used to that. It's routine for us to have our time together and then separate and go be who we are, but I love it."

The hectic work schedule is something Lambert welcomes, and while it means extended time away from her hubby, that old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder certainly applies. Despite taking three weeks off to actually get married and enjoy a honeymoon, Lambert was itchin' to get back to work. "I feel like I need a break sometimes, but then I have one and I’m like, ‘I want a gig, I want a gig.’ I think it’s very important to have that balance," she said.

Balance and marriage aside, Lambert has a very clearly goal in mind ... and that's world domination. She finished, "I have a real strong drive to build an empire. That's what I'm trying to do, so to build an empire you don't take off work."

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