With his May 14 wedding to Miranda Lambert only days away and a sweet new single just released to radio, it's no surprise that PEOPLE recently chose Blake Shelton as their Hottest Groom-to-Be. While talking about the big day, he was asked a funny question: whether his bride-to-be likes his look to be clean-cut or a little disheveled.

"So the question now is does Miranda like me dressed up and polished or dirty and rugged," Shelton said. The country star got that sheepish grin he is known for and quipped, "Miranda likes me dirty."

As for preparation for their wedding, the 'Honey Bee' singer said, "There's nothing you can really do to get prepared, especially when you're preparing to marry Miranda Lambert ... because all the details [and] all the duties have been taken out of my hands, out of my control and given to people that we barely know: wedding planners."

He added, "For all I know, you know, I'm gonna show up to wherever they're decidin' that we're going to get married and hang out with whoever they decided to invite to my wedding."

As the country couple prepares to get hitched this weekend, they've also been watching 'The Voice,' NBC's hit new show on which Shelton is a vocal coach. Lambert has been taking most of the month off, but she was spotted with her bachelorette party showing off some amazing hats at the Kentucky Derby.

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