Before she went on to win a Grammy Award on Sunday night, Miranda Lambert took the time to chat with USA Today on the pre-show red carpet. Lambert and her fiance Blake Shelton walked the red carpet together, and it wasn't long before questions soon turned to their upcoming wedding. As for how the planning is coming along, Lambert shared, "All I care about: I got the guy, the bar and the entertainment. As long as I have those three things, I'm good to go."

Shelton had the chance to chime in as well. When asked if he's ever tired of talking about the upcoming ceremony, he said, "No. We're getting pretty used to it. Honestly, I'd rather not have a wedding. I was ready to marry her the day I asked."

Lambert has been very organized when it comes to every detail of their big day, even about what Shelton will wear. The 'House That Built Me' singer said, "I told him to just be himself. This is our wedding, not mine. I'm not really setting a bunch of rules. I want it to be fun and comfortable."

Shelton was asked if he is the one who picked who will sing at their wedding and he said, "No, I'm not in charge of it. I just get to have an opinion about it." It was previously reported that one of the singers will be country star and close personal friend to both Lambert and Shelton, Neil McCoy.

Lambert has also told The Boot that she hired a wedding planner and she has everything well under control. She explained, "I'm still involved a lot, but with the fun stuff, not the logistics and the boring stuff. It's awesome because I have so much other stuff going on."

Backstage, after her Grammy win, Lambert was asked why she forgot to thank her finace during her acceptance speech, and she simply said, "I forgot."