Getting married soon? Take it from Miranda Lambert -- you'll want to look around and appreciate every single second of the big day, because it'll be gone before you know it. The 'Baggage Claim' singer, who married Blake Shelton on May 14, shared a little bit of matrimonial advice with her curious Twitter followers, and even took a moment to dote on her leading man.

"What's your best advice for a bride??" a fan tweeted to Mrs. Shelton, who re-tweeted the question with her response. She said simply and poignantly, "Soak in every second." Being that she's now married to a country music superstar, and is a country music superstar herself, she would know.

Like her husband told the New York Times back in July, even with their busy schedules, the pair always remember to take time to smell the roses. "The one thing we can’t allow to happen is we get so busy that we lose each other," Shelton then said.

That's why, as Lambert spilled on Twitter while answering fan questions, she would always choose quality time with Blake over anything else. "Date night w/hubby = boots or flipflops?" one fan asked. "Bare feet in our kitchen!" Lambert quickly responded.

When prompted to tell interested country fans about the best gift she's ever received from her 'Honey Bee' sweetheart, the 'White Liar' hitmaker said with a digitally-visible smile, "Blake : )." If that's not true love, we don't know what is!