Miranda Lambert recently took aim at a reporter whose line of questioning she didn't care for. On Friday, the 'White Liar' singer tweeted, "Dear mr writer at Ottawa citizen: next time u interview me, let's keep it about the music and not about your view on my stance on guns..." before adding, "I don't talk politics period. I'm Not sure all Canadians would like to Be put in your category. Speak for yourself not your country. Thx!"

As an avid hunter and gun owner, Lambert is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and she has opened up about the topic before. As for how many guns one should own, the hitmaker tells the Boot, "I think you have a pistol, a shotgun and a rifle because that covers the spectrum of what you're going to need to hunt."

However, unlike husband Blake Shelton, Lambert has never entered a formal or informal debate over political issues. This unnamed Ottawa Citizen reporter must have forgetten which half of the happy couple he was talking to!

The feature on Lambert has not run in the Ottawa Citizen yet, but one may be scheduled to preview her show in Ontario on August 12. "PS I can't wait to see my faithful Ottawa fans!:) 2 weeks," Lambert tweeted later.

Lambert has just released the first single from her forthcoming album 'Four the Record,' due in stores November 1. 'Baggage Claim' can now be heard on radio stations nationwide.