That Miranda Lambert wrote the song 'Dear Diamond' from her upcoming 'Four the Record' album might put a lump in Blake Shelton's throat, and not the good kind of lump.

The deceptively poetic song about marrying a man you don't love is available at Billboard today. It's the fourth of five songs one must listen to for a chance to win a flyaway to see Lambert in concert in 2012.

"Dear diamond, pretty and new / Perfectly flawless, too good to be true / Dear diamond, you shine like the sun / And wrap around my finger just like he does," Lambert sings before delivering the gut-wrenching chorus. "You cost more than he wanted to lose / And with this ring I said I do / Promise to never do what I’ve done / I’ve lied to someone / Dear diamond."

It's clear in recent interviews that Lambert has contained any wanderlust she may have felt before settling down with Shelton. We can't wait to find out who the poor fellow she's singing about was and why he had his heart broken.