Miranda Lambert and George Strait turned in a fantastic duet performance of 'How 'Bout Them Cowgirls' and 'Run' at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, Calif. on Jan. 31.

Throughout the 2014 Cowboy Rides Away Tour, Strait has treated fans to absolutely riveting performances, and some of them have included duets with his opening acts. He recently took the stage with country rocker Eric Church, and for his San Diego stop, the icon melded his voice with that of the beautiful and talented Lambert.

As he began singing 'How 'Bout Them Cowgirls,' the already excited crowd went into a frenzy as Lambert appeared onstage. Their voices sounded like they were meant to be together as they traded off verses and harmonies.

Between the two songs, Lambert turned to Strait and reminisced about how she first saw him at Strait Fest when she was 15, and at 17, her boyfriend bought her 12th row tickets to see the legend again.

"From the back row of Texas stadium to the 12th row, and now I'm standing here singing with the King," the songstress announced giddily, dancing around and shaking ecstatically as Strait grinned at her, obviously honored by her excitement.

Lambert took a deep, slow breath before they dove into 'Run' together, and it was a sweet reminder that while Lambert is a superstar in her own right these days, even she is mesmerized by someone as iconic as Strait.