Sometimes songs sound better when they are stripped from their original produced form, such as Miranda Lambert's acoustic 'Heart Like Mine.'

Miranda defends her devious ways in this elegantly arranged live version of the song, leaving room for variant tempo and emotion to pour through her subtle falsetto and country twang.

"I’ll fly away / From it all one day / I’ll fly away," she beautifully drags out in the bridge.

"It's kind of a autobiographical in a way. It kind of tells my story a little bit," she explains in the video's intro. "I grew up in church, grew up a Christian, and then got in a country band and saw the real world a little bit."

"Basically it's just about my interpretation of how God would be, how Heaven would be," she adds about turning to Jesus for comfort when she received criticism from her family and peers. "I think Jesus would like hanging out with our band and stuff; I think he would think we were pretty cool, and we think he's pretty cool."

'Heart Like Mine' is the fifth single off her CMA and ACM-winning album 'Revolution.' The album is nominated in the Best Country Album category at the upcoming 53rd annual Grammy Awards.

Watch Miranda Lambert Sing 'Heart Like Mine' Live