Miranda Lambert is closing in on scoring yet another No. 1 single with her latest hit, 'Heart Like Mine.' The tune was co-written by Lambert, singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe, and Travis Howard, who also co-wrote Lambert's 'Famous in a Small Town.'

The girls started the song several years back while vacationing in East Tennessee to relax and write some good, "honest" songs.

"We were staying in a cabin that we had rented," Monroe tells Taste of Country. "We said, 'Let's write and see what happens.' We sat out on the porch with our guitars. We were trying to relax ... but I was worried about bears. We were sitting there, and I kept hearing stuff. Miranda just went back into the cabin, grabbed a steak knife and came back out on the porch [laughs]. She was like, 'Nothing's going to get us … I've got a knife!' I was like, 'What's a knife going to do if a bear comes!?'"

"We picked up our guitars and started picking again," Monroe continues. "We were struggling with trying to find something to write about. We kept putting our guitars away, saying, 'Oh, just forget it!' After a while, Miranda was like, ‘Well, let's try one more time. Let’s write something honest!’

"I ain't the kind you take home to mama / I ain't the kind to wear no ring / Somehow I always get stronger / When I'm on my second drink / Even though I hate to admit it / Sometimes I smoke cigarettes / Christian folks say I should quit it / I just smile and say 'God bless,'" Lambert sings in the opening verses.

By the time their trip to Gatlinburg came to an end, Lambert and Monroe had a half-finished song on their hands. Lambert ended up sharing what she had started with Monroe to Travis Howard, who had some suggestions to the song's chorus:

"He could calm a storm and heal the blind / And I bet He'd understand a heart like mine."

"Miranda called me and let me hear it," Monroe recalls. "I just loved it! She eventually decided she was going to record it for her album, which I was blown away by because of how long the whole process of writing it and finishing it took! It turned out great!"

Watch the Miranda Lambert 'Heart Like Mine' Video