Move over Katniss Everdeen! Miranda Lambert got into the spirit of the heroine and archer of 'The Hunger Games' saga with her own bow and arrow right before Thanksgiving, as she and husband Blake Shelton went hog hunting to nab their meal.

While Lambert is a girl's girl who loves the color pink (she just opened up a shop called the Pink Pistol in Oklahoma), she isn't afraid to throw down with the boys and take aim at game. Shelton shared a photo of his lady's outdoor exploits, showing her dressed in camo hunting fatigues and brandishing a pink plastic cup from her new retail establishment. The photo effectively demonstrates all sides of Lambert's personality and interests.

"Baby it's time we got back to the basics of love...first time in the woods this season. & with BS! #katnissforever," Lambert tweeted last weekend. In the space of a single tweet, she quoted Waylon Jennings and gave a shoutout to Katniss. Of course, the "BS" she is referring to is not bull you-know-what, but her hubby, with whom she was out looking to bag some wild hogs.

She also shared the essentials that she needs to tote when on a hunt: "All the important things for hunting.. Bow. Camo. Binoculars. Pink cup. lip gloss!" she wrote. See what we meant about Lambert being both a girl's girl and a guy's girl?

A few hours later, Lambert revealed that she'd captured her Thanksgiving dinner. She posted: "Wild hog for thanksgiving! #katnissforever." At least she cooks what she kills! It's not all for the thrill of the chase or for naught.

In a recent interview, Shelton gave the 'Fastest Girl in Town' hitmaker props for her skills, saying, "Miranda is the real deal. She doesn't just sing about guns and things like that. She dos it. She's a big bow hunter."