Miranda Lambert and Kellie Pickler have more in common than the fact that they are both blonde, beautiful and successful in the country music realm. Each has a soft spot for dogs -- we might even go as far as to call them "obsessed" with their canines. Each songbird has multiple pups and has a propensity for tweeting photos of them. Forget crazy cat ladies; Lambert and Pickler are afflicted with puppy love.

With much of the country under the grip of intense heat this month, the dog days of summer are in full effect, and that's not lost on Lambert and Pickler, each of whom offered up a tweet of their dogs dealing with the heat and basking in the sunlight, enjoying life.

Lambert recently tweeted, "Dog days of summer! Delilah is a coolin her heels!" The accompanying picture (seen below) is of her white pup taking a dip in the pool. Lambert loves her dogs so much that three of them were a part of her and Blake Shelton's wedding, with the female dogs walking down the aisle with her bridesmaids. Delilah, a terrier mix, pranced down the aisle.

Pickler, who tweeted about rescuing a snake-bitten pit bull over the Fourth of July weekend, shared a new photo of said dog, a chocolate-hued mass of muscle she named Chunk. Her most recently tweeted photo came with this message: "Catching some rays with Chunk!!!" It's a lazy shot of Chunk chilling on a chaise lounge, as seen below.

We're glad to see that Chunk is happily residing with Pickler. When she first saved Chunk, she mentioned in her tweet that she hoped he would get along with her other dog and that if he didn't, she might have to find a new home for him. Looks like Chunk is assimilating happily into the Pickler family.

See Miranda Lambert's Dog Delilah (Left) and Kellie Pickler's Dog Chunk (Right)