Miranda Lambert's 'Mama's Broken Heart' lyrics play off like words pulled directly from the singer's discography of self-penned, unrestrained kiss-off songs, but country music fans would be interested to learn that Lambert actually borrowed the track from another country artist, newcomer Kacey Musgraves.

It was actually a calculated encounter on Lambert's behalf at her own wedding that led to the inclusion of 'Mama's Broken Heart' on her current critically-acclaimed album, 'Four the Record.'

“I don’t think I was supposed to be pitched the song, but her [Kacey's] sister actually shot some pictures at mine and Blake‘s wedding, and she was there, too," Lambert recalls. "At our rehearsal dinner, I went over and asked her, I was like, ‘Are you gonna cut this song, or can I have it?’ And she was like, ‘I’ll think about it for a couple of days.’”

The two talented ladies previously knew each other from their mutual Texas upbringing and songwriting sessions following their stint on 'Nashville Star,' but lost touch in the chaos of Lambert's skyrocketing career. It was after some soul searching on Musgrave's part that the rising star gave Lambert her blessing -- but not without stipulations.

“She e-mailed me, and said, ‘You can have it, if I can sing harmony.’ So that’s her singin’ the harmonies on it," Lambert shares, adding, "and actually, Kacey Musgraves, she has a new single out called ‘Merry Go ‘Round,’ so she’s doin’ great on her own now."

"But I had to actually beg for this song, and so I’m thankful that she gave it to me because I love ‘Mama’s Broken Heart,'" she admits.

"Powder your nose / paint your toes / Line your lips and keep 'em closed / Cross your legs / dot your I’s / And never let 'em see you cry," Lambert sings in the bridge of the dynamic single.

The 'Mama's Broken Heart' lyrics, co-penned by Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, have obviously connected with music fans and country radio, as well. The song became an instant fan-favorite even before 'Four the Record' was released and landed at No. 26 on Rolling Stone's Top 50 singles of 2011 -- a full year before the song was actually on radio.

'Mama's Broken Heart' is the fastest-rising single from Lambert's latest gold-selling album, and is sitting pretty at No. 20 after only six weeks on the chart. The track is the fourth radio offering from the Grammy-nominated project.

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