If you are a celebrity voyeur – that is, you read tabloids for updates on what handbags the stars are carrying or what designer they are rocking on red carpet -- and a Miranda Lambert fan, the recent 'What's in My Bag' feature in Us Weekly about the country diva's purse is sure to delight!

In the tab's new style issue, Lambert dumped out her handbag, a faux but fabulous snakeskin Kenneth Cole tote, revealing that she carries a "ton of crap" around. But it's not just Lambert's girly girl things -- like "20 pink lip glosses," "random earrings, like Forever 21 cheapy skulls and hoops" or a pair of aviator-style shades she jacked from a friend -- that take up space in the roomy bag.

The singer, who just released 'Hell on Heels' by her band Pistol Annies, admits to keeping Midol on hand, as well as packets of Crystal Light. She can be her own bartender that way, revealing that "I’ll order Bacardi and water at a bar, add it and make my own cocktail."

Lambert, who says she is "bad about putting money and cards in my wallet," has loose cash floating in her bag, but the most important item is hand sanitizer. Since her job requires her to meet so many strangers in a day, like fans, she has to ward off germs, which could cause her to get sick and cancel shows.

Since Lambert travels a ton, she has a white noise app on her iPhone to help her get some sleep in hotel rooms. "I can't stand the quiet," she says. With the quippy, sarcastic Shelton always yapping in her ear, it's no wonder she prefers noise to calm!

It's a good thing that Lambert is also in an all-girl trio.  Her Pistol Annies bandmates can look to her in a pinch for last minute accessorizing, a pink gloss here or there and some cash if they need it!