It's no secret that Miranda Lambert loves dogs. But she doesn't go to the pet store to pick one out or seek out the most prestigious breeds. Instead, the songstress finds dogs that need to be rescued, whether they're on the side of the road, at the shelter ... or at the Sonic drive-thru.

Lambert owns six dogs, all of them rescues. "Three are from the shelter," she tells Huffington Post. "They dump 'em on the side of the road or they're just random running around."

"I found one of 'em at Sonic. Her name's Delta Dawn," the singer shares. "Went to get a cherry limeade and came back with a dog. One was literally on the side of the road, starving. They're precious." Delta Dawn, a Chihuahua-pug mix, had been living at the drive-in for about a week, and was in poor health, but the singer nursed her back.

"We're at our limit though," Lambert says, laughing. Six dogs is a lot, but especially for the famous singer and her equally famous husband, who lead thriving country music careers. The songstress admits that if Blake Shelton lived on his own, he wouldn't have six dogs, "but he doesn't really have a choice!"

From the time the 30-year-old was born, she was surrounded by dogs; there was even a dog sleeping under her crib when her parents brought her home from the hospital.

In addition to owning several pooches, Lambert is heavily involved in the foundation she started for animals in need, MuttNation. And if you're ever in her home state of Oklahoma, you may see her on the side of the road, running after yet another furry friend. "I'll spend thirty minutes on the side of the highway ... trying to catch one," Lambert says.

Lately, the singer has been plenty busy in the other part of her life -- the music side -- with a just-released music video for 'Somethin' Bad,' a duet with Carrie Underwood. Plus, Lambert is working on opening a bed and breakfast, Ladysmith, in Tishomingo, Okla.

Dog rescuer. Country music star. Philanthropist. Store owner. Is there anything she can't do?

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