With Labor Day on Monday, it's not surprising our Top 10 Work Songs list made the list of the 10 hottest news stories this week. But that wasn't the only list to that had people talking. Blake Shelton's picture in our Top 10 Country Yearbook photos list was a favorite, as were Toby Keith and Faith Hill's pictures from way back when.

Shelton revealed he'd been chosen to remake the theme song for the movie 'Footloose,' and later teased fans with details about a new video. That story was only beat out by two others, including his new wife Miranda Lambert's creative way of revealing her new album cover. Add in a new George Strait album and one reader's chance to meet Jason Aldean, and it was a pretty busy week.

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    10 Best Work Songs

    We put together a list of 10 great songs about work to celebrate Labor Day because there just aren't enough songs about the naps we hopefully found time for on this traditional day off. Readers had strong opinions on which songs should have made the list, but most agreed that a Merle Haggard hit belonged in the top spot. This was one of three lists that made this week's Top 10.

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    Scotty McCreery: 'The McLaina Thing Never Happened'

    Scotty McCreery offered this information without us even asking. In an exclusive interview, the 'American Idol' winner reinforced his much-repeated stance that he and Lauren Alaina have never dated. He even added that they never would date. Yikes! You can also read the full interview to learn more about his new single and a song called 'Water Tower Town.'

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    10 Best Friend Songs

    Surprisingly, the best friend songs are mostly sang by men. Guys are not typically prone to gushing about what a good buddy means to them -- unless adult beverages are being served -- but Tim McGraw, Randy Travis and even gruff old Hank Williams Jr. found a spot on this list. Like all our lists, readers had strong opinions on these 10 songs and others.

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    Top 10 Country Yearbook Photos

    Ever wonder what Toby Keith looked like before becoming famous? Or Faith Hill? Scotty McCreery and Kellie Pickler also provide a few laughs and "how cutes" on this treasure trove of country star yearbook photos. The best has to be Blake Shelton, who looks exactly like you'd expect him to. One wonders if Miranda Lambert would have married the man in this picture.

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    Lauren Alaina Sings the National Anthem at Red Sox Game, Scotty McCreery Cheers Her On

    While Lauren Alaina was belting out the words to the National Anthem, Scotty McCreery was enjoying his view from the Green Monster at Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. The American Idols Live Tour was in town last week, and a few of the show's contestants took in a baseball game. Alaina made our country proud, while McCreery chummed it up with another Raleigh, N.C. celebrity, Texas Ranger outfielder Josh Hamilton.

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    George Strait, 'Here for a Good Time' - Album Review

    George Strait released another new album this week, and this one is as good as anything he's put out in recent years. Expect to see a darker side of Strait. That could be the influence of co-writer and son Bubba Strait, who helped write seven of the album's songs, or maybe it was the singer himself who decided to purge his conscience of a few memories. While there are a few feel good tunes, the two songs about addiction left the strongest impression with us.

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    Taste of Country's Jason Aldean Contest Winner Announced

    One lucky Taste of Country reader is heading to Los Angeles, Calif. to meet Jason Aldean next month. She was chosen amongst all entries to fly to L.A., take in a show and meet Aldean ... for free! If you didn't win, don't worry. This month you could win a trip for two to see Taylor Swift in Houston, Texas.

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    Blake Shelton Debuts 'Footloose' Cover

    Blake Shelton revealed that he'd been chosen to record the classic Kenny Loggins song for the updated 'Footloose' soundtrack. Well, he had to lobby for it some, but eventually producers decided he was the man for the job. Shelton shared how he didn't feel he should change the original too much, and as you'll hear he mostly stuck to the script. A video is also in the making.

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    Miranda Lambert 'Four the Record' Album Cover

    Miranda Lambert allowed Taste of Country exclusive access to the cover for her new album 'Four the Record.' The art isn't finished yet, however. The 'Baggage Claim' singer needs your photo to be part of the digital mosaic. It's pretty simple -- just follow the instructions at the link ,then search for you and all your favorite Tweet-mates.

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    Win a Pair of Wrangler Jeans Autographed by George Strait

    Who would have thought so many people wanted to get into George Strait's jeans? The King has offered Taste of Country readers a pair of autographed Wranglers, and so far the response has been overwhelming. Don't panic if you haven't registered yet. The contest stays open until September 22, so be sure to read more for the full details.