Mitch Rossell is currently on the road opening Garth Brooks' World Tour. At a stop in Richmond, Va., on Veterans Day on Nov. 11, the newcomer stepped away from his typical show to pay tribute to two veterans.

While singing his heartfelt ballad "A Soldier's Memoir," two men in uniform walked out on the stage to screams from the audience. SFC Tyler Grey and MSG Chris Corbin and his service dog, Ax, joined Rossell on stage mid-set while he performed the song alone on his acoustic guitar, making for a powerful, must-see moment in Virginia.

Rossell does not take celebrating Veterans Day lightly. In a heartfelt message on his Facebook page, the singer shares what the day means to him.

"Today, your calendar says it's " Veterans Day ... I'm glad we have a day to honor those who are responsible for the rights we have and the freedom we enjoy," he writes. "However, all the battles weren't fought in a day. Those who were lost aren't gone for a day. Those who came back missing limbs, won't just be missing them for a day. Those who are at war with demons, those demons won't relent after a day. So as for me, I will be thankful EVERY day."

The newcomer is gaining traction thanks to his time on the road with one of country music's most recognizable names, but Brooks has done more for Rossell than simply ask him to open, gushing about him in a recent interview with Taste of Country.

"From East Tennessee, I noticed his work on Man Against Machine. I kept noticing all the songs that kept coming back to me had this guy's name so I went to meet him," Brooks says. "Sweetest kid, humble kid. Now he's out fronting the tour and people love him to death."

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