Plenty has happened to Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry since Montgomery Gentry released their last album. The duo parted with their old label, and Montgomery fought off cancer and separated with his wife. Their emotional pallet should be full of color, but most of the songs on 'Rebels on the Run' come steeped in anger.

'Damn Right I Am,' 'Ain't No Law Against That' and 'Where I Come From' are three that are meant to have that sharp edge. These three songs follow the path the duo had been clearing for some time, so if one really likes the 'Back When I Knew it All' album, 'Rebels On the Run' will be a perfect fit.

Others are meant to explore new territory, but somehow feelings like pride and even love taste bitter. 'Damn Right' and 'Empty' expose Montgomery Gentry's one dimensionality. "Just like this house, I'm empty," Montgomery sings on the latter, a song about heartache. He isn't quite able to find the needed vulnerability which is surprising because he must have felt 'Empty' during long stretches this year.

Charlie Daniels and Randy Owen add spice to the album by appearing on 'I Like Those People.' Another highlight comes late on the album with the guitar heavy 'So Called Life.' Along with 'Work Hard Play Harder,' these two closing songs feel like a live encore good enough to make the dead dance. It's not quite enough to make up for the vapid middle, however. A story like one found in earlier hits like 'Something To Be Proud Of' would worked wonders on this project, their first on Average Joe's Entertainment.