Montgomery Gentry go in an unexpected direction by including footage of American snipers in Afghanistan in their new video for 'Where I Come From.' The footage is at times as realistic as the opening scenes of 'Saving Private Ryan.'

A few viewers may even wonder if the duo enlisted a videographer to capture the scenes, but it seems unlikely that top government officials would allow something like that to occur in the spirit of country music.

The band also sets up shop in the desert, and they sing their chest thumping anthem before, after and during clips of a wounded soldier being rescued. Shots of Taliban fighters being picked off by American sharpshooters feel like something out of an Oliver Stone movie.

Along the way, viewers see more docile clips of domestic American life. This could be interpreted as the flashing memories of a man fighting off death as his team works to get him the care he needs. Director Potsy Ponciroli's ('Love Done Gone,' 'Lover Lover') interpretation is much more open-ended this time, but it's a video that captivates from start to finish.

Watch the Montgomery Gentry 'Where I Come From' Video