A text to a lover, a note to a family member or a missive sent to a friend or co-worker would look and sound much better with help from stars like Sam Hunt, Cam, Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert. MSTY makes it happen. The new app for iPhone and Android phones allows you to up your messaging game.

Take a pic, choose a photo from your phone's library or select one of dozens of sweet and saucy MSTY backgrounds to say what you need to say, then add your own personal message and a song. Click the link in this tweet to see what your friends will see:

While there are dozens and dozens of country songs to select from, you'll also find pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock, '80s hits and more. The MSTY library is enormous. Below are a few screen shots from messages we sent to someone special. When you receive a MSTY, you can share it via social media or just keep it for yourself. You'll want to do both, as some messages need to be celebrated, while others need to be tucked away for a more intimate moment.

The MSTY interface is easy to use and the app is free. Send a message to any of your friends with MSTY, and enjoy a whole new and improved way of saying "I Miss You," "Happy Holidays" or "Your Mama!" Yep, in addition to being one of the best comebacks ever, that's one of the backgrounds.