Rapper Nelly has once again found a country partner to work with. The hip-hop star hooked up with Florida Georgia Line to re-cut 'Cruise,' and the three appear to be new BFFs. But do you remember his first foray into the genre?

In 2004, Nelly and Tim McGraw turned 'Over and Over' into a huge radio hit. The ballad from his 'Suit' album even gained airplay on a few country radio stations, much to the displeasure of purists. Both men deliver a fine performance with a thin country guitar, adding just the right Nashville touch to smooth out the rap beat.

Looking back, the video is sort of a strange concept that works to compare the life of a hip-hop star to that of a country superstar. It's not clear that the two men met for filming. Both have private jets and a broken heart. Watch until the end to see them pull out their antiquated flip phones before boarding.

Watch Nelly and Tim McGraw Perform 'Over and Over'