Old Dominion is one of country's hottest buzz bands, a five-piece that sings, writes and plays their own instruments. The five songs on their self-titled EP are representative of what you can expect from a live show. Listen to 'Old Dominion' during this exclusive Taste of Country album stream.

'Shut Me Up' is the song that's garnering massive airplay on Spotify and SiriusXM radio, but 'Break Up With Him' is the song the Matthew Ramsey-fronted group is most excited for fans to hear for the first time.

"It’s starting to take on a life of its own," he tells Taste of Country. "That one is always, no matter what show we play, it gets a reaction."

'Nowhere Fast' is a sparse ballad with significant R&B influences. The sexy, bad idea love song captures a passion and raw energy most remember from their teenage years. After that, 'Beer Can in a Truck Bed' presents an equally carefree, but less nostalgic love song.

"She was sneakin' up her sundress, showing off her tatty / She said, 'I like your ride, maybe you could be my cabbie / What you say you pick us up a six-pack of Natty' / Aww nice," Ramsey sings over a funky guitar beat and hand claps.

'Old Dominion' becomes available for purchase on Oct. 7. Look for it at iTunes.