When Miranda Lambert went home to Texas to host her annual animal shelter charity event, Cause for Paws, back in April, she didn't go alone. At the fundraiser, she brought out her new girl group Pistol Annies to sing for the crowd, and even debuted a new song, 'Better Days' -- which we can see now, thanks to a fan who caught it on video.

In this tune, the girls compare their lives to a lemon drop, in that they have to suck on it a bit to get past the sour and to the sweet part. "I know there are better days ahead," they sing in unison.

The last time we heard a new track from the Annies, it was one they were sampling on a tour bus, and Lambert was at the reins. But the credit for 'Better Days' goes to band member Angaleena Presley. "I thought of the idea for this song when I was literally laying under my car on the side of the road tying up my muffler with a guitar string. True story!" Presley quips.

In the fan video below, Lambert does say that the Annies have a record "coming out in June," and because we've yet to get a release date, we bet she's referring to the single and that it'll be a few more months before we see a full album. Until then, we have this gem to tide us over.

Watch Pistol Annies Sing 'Better Days' Live