The debut video for Pistol Annies' song 'Hell on Heels' mixes concert footage, backstage attitude and some theatre. The three-minute-long clip is stylized to match the fem-western sound of the song by Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley. It's reminiscent of the movie 'Thelma and Louise,' but one senses immediately that these girls wouldn't go down before a gunfight.

It's likely this video was relatively inexpensive to produce, as there isn't much going on beyond brooding expressions from three women who are sitting around sharing stories of the men they took down. What gives the story punch is the grainy, aged-film look given to the footage in the editing room. Pick a decade you want these women to come from. At different points they could be Clyde's Bonnie or renegades set loose amongst the hippies.

Director Becky Fluke does a nice job making the most on what no-doubt is a bare-bones budget, and the video introduces us to Pistol Annies while enhancing the song. 'Hell on Heels' is available at digital retailers now, and will be the title track to the group's new album, out on August 23.

Watch the Pistol Annies 'Hell on Heels' Video