Pistol Annies have shared a new song each day this week to get fans excited about their debut album, 'Hell on Heels,' in stores on August 23. Today's song, 'Beige,' is the heaviest on the album. The wilting ballad puts a face -- and a dress -- on the shame a woman may feel if she gets pregnant before marriage.

"Mama planned it all / Said it’s pretty in the fall / And the flowers would be roses and daisies / And she prayed nobody saw / The weight that I put on / The bride shouldn’t be / Four months and three weeks." Unlike 'Housewife's Prayer,' 'Family Feud' or 'Bad Example,' one can't find a light moment to dismiss the pain in this song. Angaleena Presley is the only one in the trio with kids, but during an interview with Taste of Country, she didn't list this song as one that draws off her personal experience.

"Daddy’s pride and joy / Is marrying some boy / And everyone in this place / Knows I didn’t wait / ‘Cause I was wearing beige." The Boot debuted 'Beige' earlier today. Fans who listen to all five of this week's streamed songs have a chance to win a meet and greet with Pistol Annies.