Angaleena Presley admits Pistol Annies' song 'Housewife's Prayer ' comes from her pre-Annies personal life. She tells Taste of Country the song's opening verse is written from her perspective. "I've been thinking about setting my house on fire / Can't see a way out of the mess I'm in and the bills keep getting higher / All I need is a match and a gallon of gas / God I'm getting tired / Gonna set this house on fire."

It's not a metaphor. "I was going through a divorce and … I really was thinking of burning my house down," Presley says. "I was thinking about how I could do it without the insurance company finding out, what baby pictures I would take and put in a safe deposit box. So instead of doing it I sat down, picked up my guitar and wrote the first line of that song."

'Housewife's Prayer' is the third of five new songs the band is streaming with different partner websites in advance of their new album 'Hell on Heels,' in stores on August 23. Listen to all five, including today's at Country Weekly, for a chance to meet the three women.

"Well I've been thinking about all these pills I'm taking / I wash 'em down with an nice tall beer and the love I ain't been making," the third verse goes. Presley says she's only responsible for the first verse. The other two came when she sat down with fellow Annies Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert. Monday's streamed song was 'Bad Example,' and Tuesday's was 'Family Feud.'