In the film 'Pure Country 2: The Gift,' singer-songwriter Katrina Elam portrays aspiring country singer Bobbie, who was bestowed with the power of song by three angels. The movie was released to select theaters in October 2010, and the soundtrack will be released for purchase on Feb. 15.

While Elam's character Bobbie has to seek the help of angels in order to sing, Elam herself is in no such need. Elam has a beautifully powerful country voice, which accounts for the vocals on all 13 of the songs on the 'Pure Country 2' soundtrack. She even sings the movie's main ballad, 'Dream Big.'

Stephen Dorff produced the 'Pure Country 2' soundtrack. Dorff also produced the soundtrack to the original 'Pure Country' film, which starred George Strait as country music star Dusty Chandler.

"This soundtrack is loaded with great songs performed by one of the most talented vocalists I've ever had the pleasure of working with, Katrina Elam!" Dorff says. "I'm also very proud of having elements of the score included on this CD. [Director] Chris Cain has once again set a wonderful example of how film and music can work so well hand in hand."

The 'Pure Country 2: The Gift' soundtrack will be available for purchase nationwide on Feb. 15, 2011. For the early birds, a pre-sale for the soundtrack will also begin on Feb. 1. For more information on the soundtrack and movie, visit the 'Pure Country 2: The Gift' website.

'Pure Country 2: The Gift' Track List:

1. 'Might as Well Be Me'
2. 'Love Is'
3. 'Dream Big'
4. 'Job Hunting'
5. 'That's My Man'
6. 'Would Love Love Me Anyway'
7. 'Concert Hall Montage'
8. 'If Your Love Was a Rock'
9. 'Love Will Still Be There'
10. 'Love Birds'
11. 'Second Chance'
12. 'Farewell - Ella and Bobbie'
13. 'Dream Big' (Movie Version)