Randy Houser takes Robin Hood to a whole new level in his visual for "We Went." The singer and his corset-clad dame steal from some wealthy drug dealers and give the money to those who are a little less fortunate, leaving police cars and big explosions behind them in the dust.

The video kicks off with an explosion, where Houser and his female counterpart come running out of a doorway, carrying duffel bags full of cash. The couple are on the run in a black Pontiac, but while they're running, they're also giving the fortunes they robbed from the drug ring to a couple of in-need individuals.

The video cuts from the action sequences to Houser and his band playing the song in the desert among the mountains. Skip to the action again and the Bonnie to Houser's Clyde is running to a pastor and handing him cash before speeding off. They also fill the mailbox of a mom with money before continuing to run from the law. Car chases ensue before the bad guys are caught and the good deed bandits can keep on moving. Dustin Rikert directed the "We Went" video, which is more like a fast-paced movie.

“We had such a blast with the 'Like a Cowboy' video, and the production on that one was so high quality, that we wanted to do it again for this one,” Houser says. “But this time, my whole band got to be in the video, and there’s a lot more action — everything from car chases to crash scenes to explosions. We just had a great time with it.”

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