It's hard not to wonder if 'More Life' was chosen as a single from Randy Travis' 'Anniversary Collection' album to allow the singer a chance to respond to his recent brush with infamy. The introspective ballad finds Travis asking for forgiveness from those he has hurt. Is this another case of art birthed from real life?

Maybe. While the song was written in 2011, the conciliatory lyrics do work on a level greater than simply 'man sings song.' "Lately I think about the ones I might have hurt / And how easily I reasoned it away / What did I think it all was worth / 'Cause there's nothing that I own that I would not trade away," he sings during the second verse.

As usual, Travis is flawless vocally. The addition of Don Henley as a backup vocalist is a nice compliment, but it's far from the best pairing on his album of duets. The legend is somewhat limited by Nashville politics in choosing a single however, as most of the major stars he records with -- Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and Jamey Johnson -- are signed with different labels, making it almost impossible to get permission to release their work as a single. Others on the compilation are covers of Travis' songs from earlier albums.

"More life, more time / More faith and the presence of mind / To breathe deeper, love stronger / Stay in the moment one moment longer / Less anger, less worry / More life," Travis bellows during the song's moving chorus.

Redemption songs by Randy Travis are like Jimmy Buffett songs about the beach. They're all pretty good, but after awhile, new additions fail to distinguish themselves from the old. Country radio would benefit from this singer's return to the airwaves, but it's doubtful to happen in 2012 with 'More Life.'

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