Randy Travis won't be conducting a web chat with fans soon. He won't be responding to tweets or poking you on Facebook. Heck, after listening to him chat with 97.3 The Dawg in Lafayette, La., it sounds like he's not very far removed from searching for pay phones.

Travis is a technology dummy and proud of it. "I've never even turned on a computer or laptop or anything," he says, boasting towards the end of this interview. Travis is aware of Twitter, Facebook and the other social media platforms other country artists are spending time on, but hasn't warmed up to the idea of a web presence.

"I use a phone to make a phone call or to answer a phone call or to ignore it," the 52-year-old country legend jokes before revealing that he didn't get a cell phone until two years ago. It doesn't sound like Travis will soon be changing his ways ,either. He's happy without all the hassle and time wasted texting, tweeting and playing Angry Birds.

Travis is taking the rest of the year off as he often does with the holidays approaching. Earlier this year, he released his critically acclaimed 25th anniversary celebration album.