The lyrics to Rascal Flatts current hit 'Easy' call for a man and a woman's perspective. Lead singer Gary LeVox would have gotten a sharp second glance from his fans if he was belting out, "The truth is / I miss lying in those arms of his" every night. Fortunately, pop singer Natasha Bedingfield was already a fan of the band's, making the collaboration an easy arrangement.

“I flew to Nashville and that’s were we really became friends, during the actual recording process,” Bedingfield tells Billboard. “I went into the studio with Gary and we were in a separate room with our own mics while the band was playing live. As solo artists, you hope you’re going to sound good together but you don’t always know. It was an amazing moment when we could feel our voices blending.”

"We broke up / Yeah, it's tough / Most guys would've been crushed / Wastin' their time / Wonderin' where they went wrong / No way, not me / Hey, I'm doing just fine / I'm not afraid to move on," LeVox sings to begin the song. Bassist Jay DeMarcus says the collaboration was a combination destined to happen, and LeVox said he's a fan of any singer as capable as Bedingfield. The British pop-singer's lyrics are similarly misleading before the two team up for the final chorus.

"Oh, it's easy going out on a Friday night / Oh, it's easy every time I see him out / I can smile, live it up / Forget about the way it was / But what she / Oh, what he don't know / What she don't know / Is how hard it is to make it look so easy."

Katrina Elam and Mike Mobley wrote 'Easy.' Elam toured with Rascal Flatts in 2006. On their current Flatts Fest Tour, the trio has Sara Evans return to the stage to perform Bedingfield's lyrics. "We asked her and she loves the song and was willing to stick around,” Jay DeMarcus tells Great American Country. “It’s hard for somebody that’s been offstage for an hour and a half to get pumped back up to come back out to do one song. So we’re very, very grateful that she decided to come out and do that with us each night. And it is one of my favorite moments of the show, to be quite honest.”