Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus sent good vibes out into the universe -- well, make that "Twitterverse" -- for fellow singer Gavin DeGraw, who was the victim of a vicious beating in New York City late Sunday night. DeGraw, 34, is known for his pop hit 'I Don't Want to Be.' He was attacked in the Big Apple by a pack of assailants, who left him with a concussion, broken nose and facial scrapes.The singer was out on the town with friends at The National, a Lower East Side bar he co-owns with his brother, when he was blindsided by a group of attackers.

DeGraw has said he has no recollection of the beating, and after surgery on his nose and a discharge from the hospital, he is looking forward to recovering and moving on.

DeMarcus truly cares about his fellow entertainers. After hearing about the news, DeMarcus sent a tweet to DeGraw, which read as follows: "Thoughts and prayers go out to out brotha."

Maybe DeMarcus and DeGraw could hook up for a duet down the road. We must admit that it's always heartwarming when one member of the musical community reaches out to another through the digital space in cases like that. Nice one, Jay.

Taste of Country also sends our thoughts out to DeGraw as he navigates the aftermath of this harrowing incident.