Rascal Flatts' Joe Don Rooney can now add Fashion Expert to his resume, as the guitarist and his 6-year-old son have inspired a golf fashion line for Slingo Wear.

Rooney and his little boy, Jagger, have launched the new Sligo Wear Jagger Boys’ Collection, which lines up with a Jagger men’s line. An avid golfer, the lines combine Rooney's love of argyle with his other loves: his son and his guitar. Sligo, a golf apparel company, is known for its colorful clothes, and these artsy fashion pieces are the epitome of that.

Of course, Jagger got to make a special mark on the golf gear by adding his personal (adorable) signature. Rooney and Sligo's ambassador, Brian Gay, became friends and discovered their mutual love for music and golf, which is how the idea for this line was born. The Rascal Flatts star launched the line while at the AT&T Pro Am at Pebble Beach.

Sligo Wear director Shawn Aucoin asked Jagger to draw a few pictures, and eventually, they settled on incorporating his signature into the design. "I asked J.D. to have Jagger scribble some lines and take a picture of them with his iPhone,” Aucoin says (quote via American Golfer Blogspot). "I redrew them digitally and used them to intersect the guitar ‘strings’ in the design. I wanted more out of Jagger, though. So, after multiple tries and many pictures, Jagger scribbled his name on a few sheets of paper. After a bit of resizing and aligning, his signature was born. Jagger not only had influence in the design, he signed it like a canvas."

Also important to note is that the boys line will do something for a good cause: Sligo will donate some of the proceeds from the sale of the clothing to the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Purchase from the Jagger Boys' Collection here.

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