Rascal Flatts just called "that's a wrap" on their forthcoming new 'Easy' music video, guest-starring English pop singer Natasha Bedingfield. Though the video itself isn't ready to make its screen debut, the Flatts let fans in on the juicy details of what to expect.

In the video, -- shot in Nashville's famed Schermerhorn Symphony Hall -- frontman Gary LeVox plays Bedingfield's former love interest. "It’s like an awards show that we’re showing up at, and they’ve obviously just broken up," LeVox's bandmate, Jay DeMarcus, spills. "They’re both heartbroken, but they’re trying to put on their face to the world that it’s not bothering them. So, they glance at each other a couple of times across the room, and Joe Don and I are there for moral support, you know, to be there to pat him on the back and say, ‘She’s not yours anymore, buddy.’"

The Flatts are smart about their star-studded collaborations. Just last week, the trio grabbed Collaborative Video of the Year for their help on Justin Bieber's 'That Should Be Me.' If things go well with the 'Easy' video, and it's as much of a favorite among the Bedingfield's fans as the last was with the Beliebers, they could be headed for round two at a future awards show.

For now, the guys are just hoping 'Easy' goes over smoothly on the airwaves. "'Easy' is maybe my favorite track we’ve done in a long time," Joe Don Rooney admits, commenting towards LeVox about Bedingfield. "I remember recording it in Nashville and just really feeling good about the track when it went down, like, ‘Man, I think we really have something here.’ And you guys being in the studio together singing at the same time really brought that song to a whole other level for the album."

LeVox echoed the lead guitarist's statements without hesitation. "Natasha brought her voice to the table. We were such a huge fan of her vocals, and she’s an amazing, amazing singer. We really wanted to have a great singer on this thing and make it an event," he says. "Her heart is just as big as her voice is, so she's a great person as well. She was a big fan of ours with 'Broken Road' and everything, and we’ve always been a fan of hers and thought she’d be great for it. And we called her up and she obliged and came in. We had a great time tracking it and recording it, and it came out wonderful."

'Easy' appears on Rascal Flatts' 2010 album 'Nothing Like This.'

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