Rascal Flatts will be forever etched in the fabric of small screen history, having performed at a star-studded bash at Chicago's United Center earlier this week in honor of daytime TV queen Oprah Winfrey for a special that will air during her final week of episodes. Not many artists can lay claim to that fact, but the Flatts, who have appeared on Oprah's namesake show multiple times, can.

In an interview with US99, the trio spoke about their experiences with the mighty Oprah over the years, calling her "really down to earth and cool." Even though Winfrey topped Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrity list for several years, she remained easy to relate to.

The Flatts offered some insight on what it's like behind-the-scenes. They revealed that there is no green room preparation when you are a guest on the show. "You talk to her on the side during commercial breaks," the band said. "She does her homework and is prepared by her staff." Consequently, many of the show's staffers are huge country music fans, which probably helped get Rascal Flatts involved in last week's show.

When asked which episode of 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' is his favorite, other than the ones that he has been on, Gary LeVox joked, "Oprah in Alaska! Salmon on the salmon run!"

The trio also weighed in Oprah's love life, saying, "Why mess up a good thing?" when asked if she should take the plunge and finally marry her longtime love Stedman Graham. Maybe the members of Rascal Flatts can go into relationship therapy if they ever decide to retire from recording and performing.

The episode featuring Rascal Flatts will air this coming Monday, May 23.

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