The new Rascal Flatts album is a collection of live moments from the trio during their time with Lyric Street Records. The band didn't leave the label on bad terms (although break-ups are never fun), but it's doubtful they spearheaded the effort to press these songs to disc.

The result is an album that feels mostly manufactured. There's no blaming the artist, as each of the 10 tracks is as fine of a performance as the band could deliver. 'The Best of Rascal Flatts Live' fails to capture the reckless enthusiasm fans have for Jay, Joe Don and Gary, however. Most of the time it feels like they're performing for a polite crowd of several hundred instead of amphitheaters full of screaming fans.

Live albums are often a money trap for all but the most dedicated fans. If one has seen the band perform hits like 'What Hurts the Most,' 'Bless the Broken Road' and 'Bob That Head' and managed to retain any memory of those moments, than there's nothing to be gained from spending money on this project. Covers of 'Free Ride' and 'Long Time' were once highlights of a Rascal Flatts tour stop, but on this album they're just placeholders for something more recognizable. A better use of 44 minutes would be to listen to a favorite studio album from the country superstars, while remembering how close you got to touching Rooney's hand.