Blake Shelton was clearly more comfortable on stage during the ACM Awards 2012 than he was the previous year, the first time he co-hosted with Reba McEntire. It seemed like the singer was able to write some of his own jokes, or at least include jokes fans would expect to find on his Twitter page. For better or worse, the monologue and interludes had more bite than those in years past.

An early shot at the expense of Randy Travis (not in attendance) and another at Taylor Swift (who took the joke in stride) were two of the more jaw-dropping moments of the Academy of Country Music Awards. Both were met with a stunned silence from the crowd instead of a chorus of laughter, but it could be argued that both were right on point. Throughout the show, McEntire played the setup man to Shelton's one-liners, many of which landed and few of which sailed right by the country music-loving audience.

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