For Reba McEntire fans looking to plaster every square inch of their home with the singer's likeness, it's the new line of stainless steel Reba cabinet knobs. Now each time you pull open your sock drawer or reach into the kitchen buffet for an extra oven mitt, you'll be yanking on the famous redhead's face.

The set sells for just $9.99, but hurry! Time is short if you want to get your hands on Reba's knobs. The possibilities are endless. The singer's smiling face could guard your kitchen cabinets or desk drawers. Spice things up in the bedroom by installing them on the underwear drawer. Or maybe put one knob on each medicine cabinet in your home. "Feeling ill? Reba's got the cure for what ails you!"

The same seller seems to specialize in other celebrity accessories. In the past six months this store has found customers eager to wear Elton John cufflinks, or crack open cold beers with a Glen Campbell key chain. The McEntire cabinet knobs are a pair, and come with cabinet screws. Will you be adding these to your eBay watch list?