The past few months have been a roller coaster ride behind the scenes for Reba McEntire. After her father, Clark McEntire, 84, suffered a stroke back in February, the redheaded country legend says they planned a funeral -- three times. Thankfully, it seems Mr. McEntire has done a 180 and is getting back to his normal self.

"They've moved him from the hospital to the rehab center," Reba reveals in an audio clip, which can be heard on Big Frog 104. "I'm not kidding you, y'all, we have planned the funeral three times. We've selected songs, we've picked out where he's going to be buried, and now he's just done a complete turnaround!"

Recently, the 'If I Were a Boy' hitmaker's son Shelby was gearing up to compete in a Grand Am race in Alabama, so the proud mom called to tell her parents about it. Reba says she was immensely surprised when her mom suggested that she tell her dad the news, too.

"I talked and I talked, and pretty soon I heard him clear his throat, and I stopped talking, and he said, 'Well, does he look like he's got a chance?' I almost dropped the phone," she admits. "I was like, well that's lucid, he knows what I'm talking about, and he asked me a question and I said, 'Well, yeah, Daddy, he might have a chance. Yeah!'  And he said, 'Well, alright, tell him to drive fast but safe.'"

The first time that Reba reached out to the public to share news on her father, he was in a coma in a Tulsa, Okla. hospital, unlikely to live to see his daughter enter the Country Music Hall of Fame, host the 2011 ACMs and release her new single. Now, it seems Reba will get to spend some quality time with her father as he recovers, before she heads out on tour this fall.