Reba McEntire has no problem getting onstage and performing for millions of her adoring fans, but that doesn't make her fearless! While the singer is proud of her son Shelby Blackstock, who is now a licensed race car driver and took part in the Ford Racing High Performance Driving School at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah over the weekend, the singer tells a local ABC affiliate that she won't be getting behind the wheel with him anytime soon.

"Well, I've gotten in the car twice and I think I'm gonna leave all of that up to Shelby," Reba says. "That stage is a lot safer." While anyone who's taken a tumble while performing -- ahem, Keith Urban -- might argue with Reba about that sentiment, we surely get what she means! Racing cars is for a brave club (of which her son is now a member), and we don't blame her for sitting on the sidelines, cheering him on.

Even though she's not planning to ride shotgun while her son engages in a high-speed race, Reba is beaming with pride. "His dad and I are really proud of him," McEntire says. "Every time we get together we're like, 'Here's our game plan ... this is what we need to do.' We've met so many nice people in this business."

Blackstock wants to eventually hit the NASCAR and IndyCar circuit, but for now, he's only just beginning. "You always want to perform when the family is there," he says. Hopefully, he'll graduate to the bigger, faster stage in the next few months and he's lucky to have Reba in his corner. We can just picture the red-headed country queen sitting in the bleachers, cheering her son on at his next race.

You can follow Blackstock's racing exploits and endeavors here.

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