Those who have a tough time making it through Reba McEntire's new song 'Somebody's Chelsea' with dry eyes may want to avoid the music video, unless of course you're looking for a good cry. Ed Asner stars as the widowed octogenarian in McEntire's new video for the song. Much like Andy Griffith in Brad Paisley's 'Waitin' on a Woman,' his mere presence is enough to evoke sympathy.

The video stays true to the lyrics. McEntire boards a plane, and Asner sits next to her and begins telling his story. He only has a couple of spoken lines, but his lips are always moving as McEntire sings her song about undying love. The rest of the video is filled with black and white clips of the couple in their early years and McEntire sitting alone at a booth for eight, nursing a glass of red wine while singing about how she longs to be appreciated as "Chelsea" was.

Toward the end, a tall, handsome -- yet age appropriate -- man introduces himself to the singer and they begin to chat. Viewers are left with a sense of hope that McEntire will find a man who can love her like Asner did his wife.

'Somebody's Chelsea' is the fourth single from her 'All the Woman I Am' album. McEntire was inspired to write the song after watching the Hillary Swank movie 'P.S. I Love You.' In the movie, Harry Connick Jr.'s character tells Swank that “I’m going to go find somebody because one of these days, I want to be somebody’s Frank.”

Watch the Reba McEntire 'Somebody's Chelsea' Video