This past Tuesday, Reba McEntire found out she will be inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame later this year. That announcement was tempered with sad news just days later as her father, 84-year-old Clark McEntrie suffered a stroke and he is now in a coma at a Tulsa area hospital, with his entire family at his side.

The singer gave Country Weekly an update on her dad saying, "Daddy might not be there (the Hall of Fame ceremony), but he’ll be there in spirit. Mama’s gonna be there. She already said, ‘Save me a seat, I’ll be there.’” In a small piece of consolation, it turns out her dad had found out about her new honor just two days before he slipped into a coma.

She told the magazine, "The awards and accolades you receive, are sweet, but they’re so much sweeter when you share them with the people you love and the people who have supported you throughout your whole life and career." She also thanked her fans for their support and prayers during this difficult time.

When Reba and her whole family appeared on CNN with Daryn Kagan back in 2002, the country star talked about growing up on a 8,000 acre cattle ranch, where all four kids worked as hired hands. In her heart she always wanted to be a world champion barrel racer, but then her dad told her she just wasn't good at it.

He explained his decision by telling CNN, “Anybody that's got a natural talent, I hate to see them waste it on running them old barrels. And that's the worst trouble I ever had with her.” Reba listened to him and she started taking every music class she could.

Reba's dad, a four time World Champion Steer Roper in the late 50s and early 60s who is now in the Rodeo Hall of Fame, eventually got Reba her first gig, singing the National Anthem at the rodeo. Obviously she's come very far since that first small break.  Obviously we all wish the best for Reba, her father and her entire family.