Reba McEntire turned in another reliable performance at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas Sunday night. The recently elected Country Music Hall of Famer continues to prove to be one of a select group of "sure things" at award shows. Her sharp blue eyes frequently locked onto the camera and into your living room as she sang the newest song from her 'All the Women I Am' album.

The song begins with a guitar lick sounding straight from a Clint Eastwood movie, but the lyrics prove much more tender than anything in the wild west. Dressed in a black pantsuit (yet another outfit change for the ACM hostess), Reba explained how one's life can go off track 'When Love Gets a Hold of You.'

She moved to the front of the catwalk early in the performance and remained there as she delivered the message in the matter of fact way Reba's known for. The crowd responded with a standing ovation, recognizing her ability to remain relevant after over three decades in the business, and her ability to juggle a handful of jobs and outfits without missing a beat.