For many 13-year-olds like Rebecca Black, being the next Taylor Swift is likely a big dream. But the YouTube star, who has nearly 70 million views on her music video, 'Friday,' believes that her own sound is similar to Swift's -- and that the wish of being the future Swift just might come true.

You read right: Black's debut music video has been seen millions of times since being posted on YouTube in February, and has been mocked in re-makes and spoofs almost as many times over. But the teenager isn't letting negativity stand in the way of her career, because she thinks her voice speaks for itself. "People tell me I sound like Taylor Swift. Once you hear my sound without any adjustments -- just my raw voice -- it’s unique," she tells Teen Vogue in a recent interview.

Be it curiosity or out of malice, or her supposed Swift-like draw, we're not totally sure what has driven viewers to the teen's music video -- and she isn't either. "I think it's a typical pop song that a bunch of people could sing. I don't know what was so special about it that made it go viral," Black admits.

Now that she has become a household name, Black acknowledges that being in the spotlight has its ups and downs."I thought it must have its perks and cons," she says, adding, "but I'm only 13, and I think every young girl wants to be famous at some point. "

What do you think: Is Rebecca Black the Taylor Swift of tomorrow? (We're not so sure about that.)

Watch Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Video