Texas-based band Reckless Kelly is readying a new album, 'Good Luck and True Love,' for fall. This will be the group's first release with all new tunes since their 2008 album, 'Bulletproof.' But what truly sets this record apart from the last few is that the band is releasing it sans-label.

"In 15 years as Reckless Kelly we've had to learn things the hard way and figure out what works for us and what doesn't," the band remarks in a statement. "Trial and error. We've always recorded to 2-inch analogue tape and we've always earned our fans one at a time. (Grass roots baby!) Over the years we've dabbled in conventional methods of promotion, touring and, of course, recording. Starting a record company and releasing our own records is something we have strived for our entire carrier. Now we feel we are finally in the perfect position with our business and band and are doing just that."

The Austin five-piece adds that fans can expect classic RK with a "ritty and the sublime" twist. Tracks include 'Weatherbeaten Soul,' 'Hit the Ground Running,' 'New Moon Over Nashville,' and 'Guarded Heart,' among a long list of other sure favorites.

The band also spilled that their new music combines all of their talents -- and even imposed a rule to see that through. "Taking our old school approach a little bit further on this record, we made a rule that if someone in the band can't play it, it's not going on the record," Reckless Kelly says. "We are proud to say that with the exception of an outstanding harmony vocal by our good friend Dani Flowers, we played every instrument on this record and tracked almost everything live."

'Good Luck and True Love' hits shelves on September 13.

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