The Dixie Chicks provided the most famous magazine cover in country music history 12 years ago. In 2003, they posed naked for Entertainment Weekly for an article teased with the headline "The Dixie Chicks Come Clean." Much has changed for the women since that shoot, yet the group remains united, even touring periodically.

The shoot took place just weeks after lead singer Natalie Maines said they were ashamed President George W. Bush was from Texas before introducing "Traveling Soldier" in London. Many, if not most, radio stations had begun to ban the group. Some were even staging rallies to steamroll their albums. The labels placed on their bodies all came from email, media reports or hate mail.

You know the story from there. A few years back, Martie Maguire maintained they stand by everything they went through in 2003, including a photoshoot that their publicist tried hard to prevent.