In 1983, Keith Urban competed on a show called ‘New Faces,’ singing Air Supply's ‘All Out of Love.’ His performance wasn’t memorable. In fact, the judges told him to keep practicing, and maybe form a rock band instead of trying to be a solo vocalist. That’s just one of a few revelations from this recently shared clip however.

Thirty years before his gig on ‘American Idol,’ Urban faced some constructive criticism after he performed this acoustic song. He took it in stride, admitting that his real dream was to become a radio deejay, but maybe being a radio announcer would be a good promotional vehicle for his singing.

As for that rock band? That’s kind of what he did. Urban started out in America with the Ranch before cutting them loose and going solo to record a self-titled album in 1999. He kept plugging away at his craft, becoming a guitar master and very talented vocalist. Those judges may not have predicted he’d go on to such big things, but the Queensland star showed he had the grit and work-ethic to overcome perceived shortcomings.