America first met Kellie Pickler in 2006, when she reached the Top 6 in the fifth season of American Idol. Her performance of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" is especially memorable because of the attitude the seemingly-sweet Southern belle brought to the stage.

Suddenly, our North Carolina daisy was a wild flower, working the stage, moving her hips and beckoning the cameras closer just to deliver a face full of rage. This is a fascinating video to watch, not only because it introduced the feisty side of Pickler, but because of the other characters involved. Does anyone else remember "Pick Pickler?" And listen to Randy Jackson's useless commentary when she's finished. "Yo, alright so check it out. When I first heard today that you were gonna do that song dude, I was like 'word.'" Well said, Randy, well said.

Pickler didn't win the season of Idol, but she did win a recording contract in Nashville, releasing her debut album, Small Town Girl, in 2006. She's gone on to score hits including "Red High Heels," "I Wonder" and "Best Days of Your Life," and she even returned to the small screen for a stint on Dancing With the Stars in 2013, where she and her partner, Derek Hough, edged out the competition to win Season 16 of the popular reality TV show.

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