On June 3, 2000, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw were headlining a show together in Buffalo, N.Y.. It was business as usual, but the two friends would wind up in jail before the day was over. An incident with a horse led to charges of assaulting a sheriff's deputy.

According to news reports from the time, Chesney asked the daughter of a sheriff's deputy if he could ride his horse. He then rode away, ignoring orders to stop. Two officers tried to remove him, and McGraw and his manager got involved. A minor scrum broke out and the lawmen suffered minor injuries.

"But because they had sustained the injuries, the law in New York State says assaulting a police officer is a felony, regardless of the extent of the injuries -- from a minor bruise to lacerations and broken bones," Erie County Sheriff Patrick Gallivan told CMT two days after the melee.

The country music icons were arrested, arraigned and released on bail. A year later, all three men were found innocent of any wrongdoing. McGraw and his manager faced up to a year in jail, while Chesney was ultimately charged only with disorderly conduct. Once again, the two men are sharing a stage together, as the Brothers of the Sun Tour has just begun. We just hope they can stay out of trouble...