'South Park' will take any chance they get to poke fun at celebrities and it seems country music stars can't dodge being turned into a cartoon for the show. Faith Hill, Alan Jackson and Taylor Swift are the country singers who have been spoofed for the Comedy Central cartoon -- and Brad Paisley went so far as to actually appear on the show.

Paisley became a cartoon version of himself when he cameo'd on 'South Park.' The 'River Bank' singer sang the National Anthem before a Clippers/Nuggets game for his first segment on the show and then he got the honor of singing next to Cartman for his second. Cartman professed his love to his pal Kyle Broflovski -- with the help of Paisley. The two sang John Michael Montgomery's 'I Swear' on the megatron.

The cartoon version of Hill helped coin the term 'Faith Hilling,' which means to pull your shirt forward and make your chest look bigger. Jackson's cartoon character showed up in another episode to sing 'Where were you when they built the ladder to heaven?' and plug his 9/11 album.

Who can mention country music without mentioning Swift? Certainly not 'South Park.' The show spoofed Swift and coined yet another term 'Taylor Swifting.' The unflattering term refers to dragging your bare bottom across a floor.

'South Park' never fails to find a good spoof for popular artists, country stars or not, and we can't wait to see who they feature next.